Knownwell – disruptive healthcare for weight-conscious people

Sometimes a startup does not need to have a disruptive technology to be disruptive.

Let’s look at Knownwell, a startup with a weight-inclusive attitude:

From this Crunchbase report (read on Crunchbase), we see that they aim to serve any patient of any weight. And this is a big deal.

Obese people sometimes feel a certain attitude towards them in “regular” healthcare clinics. Knownwell aims to be inclusive, and treat them fairly and equally, having them feel a part of society.

On their website, Knownwell emphasizes that they treat anyone, of any size:

Obese patients do not need to worry about bias and feeling ashamed about their bodies:

As they say, nearly 70% of America is overwight and battling at least one of these issues:

Let’s repeat that again – 70% of America. That’s a great target market. I can hear the investors drooling over this. 🙂 This is also a great justification for this great fundraise amount and (unspecified) valuation.

So to conclude – to built a fast-growing, disruptive startup – you may not even need to look at new technology. Look at what knownwell is doing, by just behaving better to overweight and obese people, and being more inclusive.

Good luck Knownwell on this important goal!

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