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Welcome to Disruffle! Let’s look into the future!

Welcome to disruffle!

In this website, we aim to uncover emerging industry trends and answer the biggest question of all – who will be the next industry disruptors, and what we can expect to see in the next few years in terms of new technology.

We focus broadly on the world of technology, including software, hardware, biotech, nanotechnology and other emerging fields.

We provide in-depth analysis of specific industries that may be set to be disrupted.

From business software to consumer software, to consumer hardware, we will try to cover everything, and be in-depth.

We won’t just cover hot new startups. We will compare them to incumbents, understand their value offering and their specific competitive advantages, be it deep tech, new features, different marketing, different audiences or anything else.

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One caveat though: all information here is opinionated. Some opinions may be wrong, misjudged or lacking sufficient information to reach a better conclusion. Read it all at your own risk! And feel free to share your opinion in the comments section, under each post.

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